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Cassel gives back to the giving

One night, I was listening to the radio and heard a commercial from Cassel Heating & Cooling, which went along the lines of “if you know someone who puts others first and needs a new furnace, we want to hear about it.” It piqued my interest.

I called up Cassel and spoke with Barry Karuzis about the project. He explained that they wanted to give away a free furnace to a family “who puts others in front of themselves. We wanted to make sure people who do good things feel appreciated for the good deeds they do.” Karuzis went onto say that they got a lot of responses from people and that the company was really touched by the amount of people doing good in our area. 

Watch the whole thing go down in this short video:

Below, from left to right, Barry, Shane, and the winner Tom

Below, the last part needed to instal on the furnace

Below, from left to right, Shane, Tom, and Tom’s wife and dog

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