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Apricot Lane: Dressing every Chambana girl

When I walked into Apricot Lane, I felt like I walked into a real life Pinterest board. Rustic wooden furniture framed the store, along with details including a birdcage holding accessories and chevron printed fabric draped over a table. Brightly colored dresses, shoes, and bags adorned every corner of the shop.

To find out more about Apricot Lane, I sat down with their resident stylist, Lindsey Flessner. I was surprised to find out that Apricot Lane is a franchise with locations all across the States. Even within Central Illinois there are multiple locations; Champaign’s Apricot Lane being the newest edition. While there are multiple stores that share Apricot Lane’s branding and name, each is unique in stock and quantity.

“Being a boutique, our stock is limited and always changing. Once an item is gone, it’s gone. If there’s something you like, I suggest to get it right away.” Flessner said.

One of the benefits of being a boutique is being able to offer unique items to customers. Flessner shared a story about sorority sisters that came to Apricot Lane for their formal dresses, and each left with a unique piece. “Being limited in quantity lessens the chance that someone else will be wearing what you’re wearing.” She added. Apricot Lane also offers the complete look from head to toe: offering not only clothes but footwear and accessories as well.

So if Apricot Lane is all about helping a girl be unique, what was unique about Champaign-Urbana’s girl? “This location is very versatile. We are in the midwest, but it’s a campus town. There’s international students, sorority girls, young moms… we’re all over the board.” Flessner explained. “And style is different to each person. So while one girl may want a cowboy boot, another girl may want a boot with more of a boho vibe.”

When asked what are some things that are trending this spring, Flessner gave some stylist insights: for a day to night look, she suggested the maxi dress, “It’s comfortable and easy to dress up or dress down.” For a current twist on the sweater cardigan, the kimono cardigan was Flessner’s pick. Just as I was about to ask what a kimono cardigan was, one of Apricot Lane’s staff/in-house models walked in wearing high-waisted shorts, white tank top, and a neon orange sheer kimono cardigan. It was super cute.

“With the festival season approaching, crochet items are getting very popular,” she added, “and I love the palazzo pant for spring.” Similar to a harem pant, Flessner pulled a pair off of a nearby rack — a slightly slouchy pair covered in a fun geometric pattern.

With so many fashion trends to keep tabs on, what is the most important thing to dressing someone? “Looking good and feeling comfortable is important to me when I style anyone.” she said. And what girl wouldn’t agree?

So if you’re looking for a unique piece for a special occasion, or just need to vamp up your current wardrobe, be sure to visit your neighborhood Apricot Lane located 627 S. Wright St. in Campustown.

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