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Sew what?

Yarn and Yak piqued my interest for a few reasons. First, it is a recurring event so it’s not one of these things that comes and goes. Yarn and Yak seems to be here to stay. Second, they invite anyone to come. So I wanted to see what the vibe was like, walking in as a newcomer. 

I am happy to report that I felt very comfortable with the group. They were friendly, interested in me, and had somewhat diverse backgrounds. As I photographed we talked about their projects. They also talked with each other, laughing, and given help on projects where needed. 

If you’re interested in learning to work with a needle and thread I think this group would happily take you in. I talked with Karen Comeaue who coordinates the group. Read on below to find out the nuts and bolts of Yarn and Yak. 

Smile Politely: What is Yarn and Yak?  

Karen Comeau: Yarn and Yak is a weekly event where a group of knitters, crocheters and other fiber crafters come together to share, learn and yak. It all started because we got tired of talking to our families about favorite crafts and watching their eyes glaze over. An awful lot of yaking goes on.

SP: How long has Yarn and Yak been around?

Comeau: We have been meeting for over ten years.

Below, Comeau and another Y&Y member helping one other with a project

SP: Who coordinates Yarn and Yak?

Comeau: Yarn & Yak is very informal and has not a coordinator. There is no real set program or leadership. I am the closest thing to that and that is only because I also work at the library where we meet.

SP: Who should come to Yarn and Yak?

Comeau: Anyone who likes to knit, crochet or do hand crafts. Anyone who wants to learn to knit, crochet of do some handcrafts. Anyone who is in the middle of a project and gets stumped is welcome. They can bring the project and we will try to find an answer to it.

SP: Where and when does Yarn and Yak meet?

Comeau: Yarn & Yak meets every Thursday the Library is open from 7-9 pm. IF the local schools have been closed for weather that day Y&Y will not meet.

SP: Why is Yarn and Yak important to our community?

Comeau: Yarn and Yak offers the community a place to come together and talk about the crafts we love. It offers a place to learn some old and new skills. It keeps our families eyes from glazing over why we talk about what really enjoy.

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