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Trump’s effect on Arts in C-U

In the lastest vlog, we are joined by local artists (both on this planet and from space) to talk about how the new presidential administration will affect local art and artists in C-U. From Aisha Orazbayeva’s performance cancellations, to the defunding of the NEA, it seems that local artists may need to support each other in order to allow their art to flourish.

It’s a new era for art these days. The new administration may hinder painters, filmmakers, musicians and other artists, but on the flip side it may make their resolve even stronger. As argued within the video, many creators around town believe that as a collective unit, more art will be made and more art will challenge Trump. It really is a guessing game at this point, but the mood for local artists is hopeful.

As for us, we’ll keep making videos until we’re 90 (maybe 91). Be sure to give their group, Protagonist Pizza Productions a visit on Facebook.

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