Smile Politely

The process with Marc-Anthony Macon

Have you met Marc-Anthony Macon? We go in-depth with one of C-U’s finest here in our most recent episode. We go through it all: How Macon creates, how he got involved with art, and most importantly, the truth about the transformation process of butterflies.

Macon is a local artist from Ohio, once lived in New York, but ultimately found his home to be Champaign-Urbana which he describes as being, “a great balance of artists between the East Coast and the West Coast”. He loves to engage in Japanese Tea Ceremony at the local staple, Japan House in Urbana, as well as diving into painting just about anything you can imagine and can’t imagine.

For more information on local artists and their process be sure to stay tuned to Smile Politely and Protagonist Pizza for future endeavors in the C-U area.

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