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Resist 4 promises to deliver art and hope

Resist is organized around the theme of art and resistance to raise money for local organizations that help lift and support marginalized groups of people. This year, 50% of the artists’ and vendors’ sales will be donated to the following local organizations: Girls2Women, Courage Connection, R.A.C.E.S., and Three Spinners.

Four years later, Resist founders Shannon Percoco and Katie Snyder remain motivated by the 2017 Women’s March, which inspired the first Resist event. Over the years, Resist has raised almost $9,000 for local organizations.

When I spoke with Percoco and Snyder as they prepared for Resist 3, they reminded us that Resist follows in a long tradition of art as activism. And that couldn’t be more true today. 

“Throughout history, artists have responded to the turbulence of their times with artist expression. Today, we once again find ourselves in such historic times.

Art is transformative. It brings community together. And when we come together as a community, anything is possible.”

“This is the one thing that’s keeping me a little bit energized, otherwise I would just bury my head and watch Netflix 24/7,” Percoco said.

Resist 4 will feature art by dozens of local artists including Cindy Sampson, Phil Strang, Sasha Rubel, Patience Anders, Josh Doniak, Erica Stark, Gail Rost, Dick Detzner, and Evelyn Tardy. In years past, in the basement of the Independent Media Center in Urbana, Resist has become not just an art exhibit but a place for artists and activists to connect, recharge, and find hope. 

The new location, 25 O’Clock Brewing Company in Urbana, will likely bring a different vibe and will bring the power of Resist to a new audience. Plus you’ll be able to talk politics, buy local art, and support local activism over some locally-brewed adult beverages.

And if you follow Resist on Facebook you’ll see tons of previews of locally-made art, but you’ll also find that same thread of hope thanks to the stream of inspiring quotes Synder and Percoco has been posting there.

The artist creates the material that we look back upon as a part of history. 
—Roy DeCarava

Ring the bells that still can ring, 
Forget the perfect offering,
There’s a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in
—Leonard Cohen

We are fortunuate to have people in our town like Synder and Percoco who create an opportunity for community and build hope in the face of politicla turbulence. Resist is the best possible example of “start where you are.” The combined force of local business, local art, and local activism adds up to an event you won’t want to miss. 

Below are some inspiring works from last year’s event.

Patience Anders, RBG, 2019. A painting of an owl with Ruth Bader Ginsburg's face.Photo by Ray Batman.

© Patience Anders, RBG, 2019. Photo by Ray Batman.

A sculpture of the statue of liberty is draped in rusty chains and dusted with a white substance that looks like snow.  The Statue of Liberty, 2019. Photo by Ray Batrman.

@ Melissa Mitchell, The Statue of Liberty, 2019. Photo by Melissa Mitchell.

Resist is open to all ages and encourages people to come by and stay for baked goods and drinks. For those interested in non-alcoholic beverages, 25 O’Clock Brewing Company offers homemade ginger ale.

Resist 4 has free entry and the organizers recommend bringing cash to purchase from artists, vendors, and bakers.

“There’s things priced from a couple of dollars to a couple of hundreds of dollars, so there’s something for everybody,” Snyder said.

Check out Percoco and Synder’s 2018 Resist Pecha Kucha talk below.

Resist 4
25 O’Clock Brewing Company
208 W Griggs St
February 29th, 2 to 7 p.m.
Free to enter, bring cash to buy refreshments and art

Top image from Facebook event page.

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