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Kudos to CUDO

Last Saturday the Champaign-Urbana Design org (CUDO) Plays, also known as CUDO Plays held a playtesting event at Lincoln Square. There was a great turn out with about 20 different games being played.

What is CUDO Plays? Essentially CUDO Plays is a group of people who design board games and then test them out on one another and the public. They play and get feedback about their games so that they can improve them. It is open to the public and you’re encouraged to play the games and even design one yourself. 

Interested in checking out their next event? Click here for thier calendar. 

Read on to meet some of the game designers and see more photos of the event. 

CUDO Plays organizers:

Designer: Andrew Dudica
Game: Mother Truckers
Goals: Deliver goods across the country as a female truck driver
Style: Family style, 1 hour to complete
Inspiration: “I wanted to create a game for the female gamer. Every game has men characters and one female character. This game has all female characters.”

Designer: Paul Nolan
Game: Who Farted
Goals: The the most points
Style: Card game
Inspiration: “There is no farting involved in the game, actually. It was just a funny name so I stuck with it.”

Check out more photos from the event and be sure to help them test out more games at the next CUDO Plays event!

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