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IUB Shows Iron Man Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, Illini Union Board hauls their big screen out to the Quad for the last time this summer to present the Marvel super hero flick, Iron Man. The movie explodes at 9 p.m., and the view — under the stars, of course — won’t cost you a thing, save a few mosquito bites.

Iron Man, one of the best super hero films of the year, finds Tony Stark, a wealthy weapons manufacturer captured during an ambush in the Middle East, imprisoned by a group of terrorists. To free himself from the guerrilla group, he constructs an iron suit equipped with guns and ammo. When freed, Tony abandons his quest for high-tech weapons and goes to work on a real suit that would help him save lives. But, money is a powerful thing, and some people on Team Tony don’t like the tycoon’s benevolent new outlook. Iron Man-type action ensues. Robert Downey Jr. stars.

Bring along some lawn chairs to watch the final installment of IUB’s Summer Quad Cinema Series.

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