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Local Instagram community meet up: a preview

What is the idea behind Instagram? Some might say it was created to post photos of our endless selfies and latest outings; however, it also has potential to be so much more. Instagram, a social media application for smart phones, has become a popular social-community for photographers and anybody else who shares a love for taking photos of their everyday lives. Through Instagram, communities have evolved and thousands of friendships have been made. With over 200 million users, you’ll be sure to find the right clique. Right here in Champaign-Urbana, the community of Instagrammers, called The Prairie Gramers, was formed. 

Below, photos from past Prairie Gramer meetups 

In development of these friendships, Instameets were created by Instagram users who wanted to share their passion of taking photos and experience it with others who had the same desire. During these events, Instagrammers get together and go on adventures, capturing photographs and documenting the memories along the way. Often, people will drive hours in a day to participate and be a part of the community that is encouraged within the app.

Since the founding of this group, two separate Instameets have happened with this group; our first in Champaign and the following in our State’s capital, Springfield. Tomorrow, Prairie Gramers will be holding their third Instameet during the annual World Wide Instameet (WWIM), a date known across the globe where all local community groups gather in their cities and hold an Instameet. 

The Prairie Gramers want you to join them! Experience the fun yourself, come join us tomorrow, Saturday the 21st, at 1 p.m. on the steps of Krannert Museum in Urbana. We’ll be exploring the city of Urbana and enjoying the first days of spring together. Make sure to bring your smart phone with plenty of memory to take lots of photos.

Want to interact with some current Prairie Gramers? Follow some of the members:

Alisa Greene

Kyle Hance

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