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Free Comic Book Day 2017: Review in photos

Free Comic Book Day comes but once a year but what a great day it is. I personally enjoy going to G-Mart in Downtown Champaign. I find it very nice to be out for a beer, stop in the comic shop, and pick up something new to read. The guys at G-Mart are friendly and very helpful, especially for someone like me who does not know much about comic books. Anyways, I took my camera over to the shop on free comic book day and took some photos. Check them out!

The line stretched around the block.

Fans dressed up.

Captin America was popular.

Getting a pound from a member of the 501st. 

Fans old and young dressed up. 

Batman crossing. 

Fanboys took selfies. 

Local authors showcased their work.

See you next year!

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