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Femme Figure at indi go: LadyFest started early

When Mandy Danowitz of Lola’s Brush moved in to the indi go Gallery space, no one was quite sure what the future had in store. Since then, however, the space has had several shows, including the Healing Arts show curated by RACES. For the past couple weeks, Lola’s Brush curated its very first show to tie in with this weekend’s LadyFest called Femme Figure. Gallery hours are 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, be sure to stop by while you’re downtown for the rest of the events. 

From dancing to breastfeeding to candid self-study, works by artists of both genders were considered, as long as they focused on and celebrated the female form. 

Since the art was celebrating and uplifting what it means to be feminine, it’s no wonder that so many attendees were women. 

Photographer Scott Wells uses light and contour to interesting effect on the female form. 

All photos taken by Alisa Greene with permission of the gallery. 

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