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Cracked Glass is on the move

Cracked Glass, currently located at 202 S. First St. in Champaign, is getting ready to make a move to 602 E. High in Urbana. Sharon Haworth and Tracey Satterthwaite have been the owners and operators of Cracked Glass, formerly known as Glass FX,  for the last 3 years. They offer six-week classes where you can learn how to create stained glass, fusing and slumping pieces, at either the beginner or advanced level. They also offer a one-day workshop, and have workspace that experienced glass workers are allowed to utilize during specific times.

Cracked Glass hosts a variety of local artist in the gallery. Many of those works are on sale right now along with much of the glass, accessories, and tools. They will still be having classes at the current location until their move at the end of August, then classes will resume in the new location on September 6. The Urbana space will function as it does now with a larger classroom area, a brand new sales floor, and a great gallery. Stop in, check out the sales and say hello to the Tracy and Sharon.

Located at the corner of First and Clark:

Full workshop.Home to more than 30 local artist. One of a kind art work:

Glass FX will not be moving.

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