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Build away at LegoPalooza 2018

Attention all MB, AFOL, AFFOL, Teens, and Kids everywhere. LegoPalooza is back. The Urbana Free Library will be hosting their annual Lego building contest this Saturday, January 27th. 

So what’s a “MB”, or “AFOL”, you ask? Well, I had to break out my Lego lingo, which means I just Googled Lego terms. Ha!

For those of you not versed in the art of Lego speech, here are a few terms to help:

  • MB = Master Builders in The LEGO Movie Universe, the Master Builders are a group of elite builders and creators that made the Lego Universe.
  • AFOL = Adult-Fan-of-Lego Adults that love Legos — simple.
  • AFFOL = Adult-Female-Fan-of-Lego Ah Duh!! Girls love Legos too, we have great taste in everything, Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Games, Boys…Well…getting back to the article.

I spoke with Lynn Harmon, Adult and Youth Services Librarian, at the Urbana Free Library about this event and what Lego lovers can expect.

Smile Politely: How many years has LegoPalooza been at the UFL?

Lynn Harmon: This will be our fourth Lego contest at the Urbana Free Library.

SP: Whose idea was this? And why?

Harmon: Former Children’s Services Director Lora Fegley and I started this in 2015. Libraries all over the country have been hosting Lego contests for years. Last year Lauren Chambers, Adult and Youth Services Librarian, and I carried on with it. Why? Because everyone loves Lego and it is fun to share our Lego creations with other people.

SP: Legos are just for kids, right? So this is a children’s event?

Harmon: Actually, Lego is for everyone…from the easiest Duplo set for ages 1 ½ to 3 to the huge sets that say they are for ages 4–99. Many of our parents love it, it reminds them of the time when they enjoyed building with Legos.

SP: How is this event important to the community?

Harmon: This event brings families together to build and enjoy the Lego® universe, and participants together to show others their great Lego® creations.

SP: But I’m not a “master builder”, can I participate for fun?

Harmon: Our age categories let everyone join in the fun. If you are 5 or under, you enter the category with children your own age. 6-10 year olds compete against each other, and older children and teens can share their possibly more sophisticated creations as well.

SP: Is everything truly awesome when you’re part of a team? (song from The Lego Movie)

Harmon: Of course! That’s what we feel like here at the Urbana Free Library.

SP: Will this be an ongoing event at the library? What can the community expect going forward with this event?

Harmon: We will probably continue this in the years to come… or have even more scathingly brilliant activities for our library community.

SP: Anything more you’d like to add? Anything you want the readers to know?

Harmon: We hope to see everyone at LegoPalooza this year. Even if you don’t have a Lego project to enter, please come to cheer on this year’s participants.

All you Lego lovers come out to the Urbana Free Library on January 27th, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for a family fun event. See all the amazing creations, and support community events.  

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