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A night at the Art Party Studio

Art Party Studio used to be located downtown Champaign in a building south of the Brass Rail. Right next to the shoe repair shop. They’ve moved to Lincoln Square into the space that used to sell art. Right across from Piato. 

I had attended a class when they were downtown and really enjoyed myself. The space downtown felt much more like an art studio. You had to go up a small stairwell, the hallways were tight, and it was sort of tucked into a building. This new space is an upgrade. There is much more room to move about the cabin. 

Although the digs have changed the quality experience has not. The painting was beautiful and the instructor gave clear direction and she also walked around and gave specific tips to painters. Painters were drinking wine, painting, and laughing while others were concentrating very diligently on their art. 

I would recommend this experience to anyone however to get a spot you’ll have to act fast. The spots fill up faster than you can say “Van Gogh.” You may register for classes on their website. An insider tip is that they open up registration on the 20th of every months so set your calendar reminders!

Here is a video in fast forward of the class. Also below are pictures from the beginning of a class until the end. Enjoy!

The creative tools. 

The other creative tools.

The instructor helping get more paint.

Men do it, too. Don’t be shy guys!

What is more mesmerizing? The swirls or all of their paintings looking the same?


Having fun.

The final touches.

They even clean up the mess for you!

A group shot.

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