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WILL is a great resource right now

Our local public media is an important resource for us to utilize right now; not only for local updates but for access to educational and entertaining content. WILL has compiled a list of helpful resources they have, almost all of which is free. If you’re feeling like you want to offer support, if you donate $60 or more annually, you can have access to WILL Passport, which gives you even more viewing options. 

From WILL:

For the latest news and information about COVID-19’s impact on our community, go to our news page at and listen to WILL AM 580. For the most informative national and international news, I recommend tuning into NPR’s national shows and watching the PBS NewsHour each night at 6 PM (also available to stream at Also, our daily talk show, The 21st, featured many stories on COVID-19 this week and will have updates at the beginning of each show next week.

Since all of us will probably be spending more time at home over the coming weeks, I suggest you take the time to explore the PBS App, which provides all kinds of great content from PBS and WILL, including MASTERPIECE, Nature, Frontline, WILL’s new documentary Illinois Country and recent episodes of Mid-American Gardener. If you donate $60 or more annually, you can use the app to access WILL Passport. Our Membership staff here is always happy to help you with technical issues (during normal business hours) at 800-898-1065 or

For those of you with children/grandchildren at home, know that PBS Kids shows and games are readily available and such an important educational resource for all of our children. In addition to kids programs on our main channel, we have a 24-hour PBS Kids channel. Plus, there is a PBS Kids app with shows available for phones and streaming devices. In addition, PBS Kids has an explainer for talking to kids about COVID-19.

While it is important to stay informed in times like these, it is also essential to take time for yourself to relax. When you need a break, I encourage you to listen to our classical music on 90.9 FM or stream it at

With misinformation prevalent during this time of rapidly changing news, you can trust WILL to provide you with fact-based journalism and also to provide a necessary escape. I encourage you to share these resources with others who might find them helpful.

Image from WILL Facebook page.

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