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What are your plans for Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is tomorrow, Saturday, January 25th. Many East and Southeast Asian cultures will celebrate the beginning of a new year, and it might be fun for you to learn about those celebrations if you don’t already know and celebrate. Here’s what I suggest, especially if you have kiddos: Head to one of our two fantastic public libraries and ask a librarian to help you locate some books about Lunar New Year. Spend an hour or so reading up on the traditions and celebrations that happen in different countries. Then, take your family to lunch or dinner at one of our many amazing East and Southeast Asian restaurants (you can peruse SP’s reviews here). Golden Harbor, for instance, always has some specials to mark the occasion. Or, stick to the theme of newness, and visit a restaurant you haven’t before.

Top Image: The Chinese menu wall at Golden Harbor. The wall is red, and long, rectangular black tabs hang from nails. On the tabs are menu items written in Chinese. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

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