Smile Politely

Welcome home, Furniture Lounge

When Scott and Amanda up and moved their retro and refurbished furniture business from 9 E. University in Champaign to 126 W. Main St. in Urbana, most folks embraced the change and enjoyed their new digs while snacking on a Mirabelle pastry. When they up and moved from Urbana to Downtown St. Joseph, most folks were flat out bummed, but understood why: the bulk of their sales were coming from the internet, and paying rent for a storefront didn’t make sense.

Needless to say, they’ve been missed.

So, consider this a holiday gift from the owners. The News-Gazette confirms today that Furniture Lounge is moving back to Downtown Champaign, in the SoDo District (that’s SOuth DOwntown), to 11 E. University Ave.

That’s right: the new “new” location is just next door to their old “old” location, in the old Old Vic Gallery. U-Haul thanks them for the wild goose chase, I am sure…

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