Smile Politely

Tony Pomonis loses council seat, father on same day

SP contributor and Merry-Ann’s Diner owner Tony Pomonis was unaware that Tom Bruno switched sides, breaking a Champaign City Council deadlock that had Pomonis and Vic McIntosh tied in their quest to fill Kyle Harrison’s vacant 3rd District seat.

The Pomonis family lost its patriarch, Stacey, two hours before the council meeting. Tony Pomonis learned of his second loss later Tuesday night.

He’s not bitter about any of it.  “I just read it. Bruno. Ah well. I still like him! “

Of his father’s death, following an unexpectedly long endgame versus intestinal cancer, Tony Pomonis said:

“It’s cool. He died holding my hand. It was peaceful, beautiful. My stepmom and I traded a “holy shit” look. We couldn’t believe it. So fucking serene. I want that memory.”

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