Smile Politely

Tampons at Boltini

You know what I love about Boltini besides this:




and this?



That’s right, period-havers: Boltini is aware of those unfortunate moments when we’re caught off guard, and they don’t want those moments to be a big deal. Notice the casual, public display of free emergency tampons. Notice the lack of a menacing, exact-change-demanding metal box that’s always empty when you most need it. Boltini’s cheery little basket is within arm’s reach of the women’s bathroom sink, right below a bottle of lotion, and it feels like home.

Boltini’s relaxapproach to menstruation is something I like to see in local businesses’ bathrooms, and something I’d love to see more of. Ever since reading a friend’s blog post on, amongst other things, the cultural mystique surrounding periods, I’ve spent more time wondering why visual reminders to them are so often locked away in those nasty tampon dispensers. In a women’s bathroom, of all places, looking at tampons should be no big deal.

Okay, now I’m going to go eat more chocolate.


What other businesses freely and publicly offer tampons or other “feminine hygiene” products?

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