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Take a look at Columbia Street Roastery’s new roaster

I recently ventured over to Columbia Street Roastery to learn more about the new roaster they’ve installed. As you’ll see below, the Renegade Roaster is pretty awesome, and I got a quick tutorial on not only how CSR’s roasting process works, but how it has been refined by this new roaster.

Created by Cheryl and Boyd Guildner, the Renegade Roaster adds a ton of control to the roasting process. While much of what CSR puts out will remain the same, it will allow them to further refine their roasting process because the Renegade Roaster has an amazing abillity to control heat with precision.

As the whole crew mentioned to me, controlling the environment of the beans is very important to the process. Being able to control this state-of-the-art roaster allows them to easily manipulate the environment and implement more efficient roasting techniques.

Another fun fact about this new roaster is it reudces the carbon footprint, lowering emmissions to create a more environmentally-friendly approach. 

In the end, having this new machine will allow CSR to push coffee to its fullest potential and not be limited by a machine’s ability to control the variables. If you’re interested, I’d recommend reading more about the roaster at the link above.

While you’re checking this out, don’t forget that this is a great time to buy local. CSR is offering curbside delivery, and they are offering free shipping on all web orders today, so get over to their website and pick some up if you’re able to.

UPDATE: 3/23 at 5:30 p.m.

We thought it would be helpful to update this after the weekend, but CSR is still open, taking orders via phone, email, or website during this time. All orders shipped for everyone’s safety. They’re offering free shipping if you buy 3 pounds or more, or $36 worth or more. Their storefront will be closed to any walk-in or pick ups — everything will be shipped by UPS or USPS.

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