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Submit your maps to the Champaign County Redistricting Advisory Group

The Champaign County Redistricting Advisory Group will move forward as scheduled, following an announcement from the state of Illinois that redistricting should move forward despite delays in receiving 2020 census data.

Per Champaign County Executive Darlene Kloeppel, “interested members of the public and interested groups to submit potential communities of interest or entire maps for consideration by using the tools available for drawing maps.”

You can find all local materials here. Not sure what all this redistricting business is about? Register for this webinar through University of Illinois Extension (it’s at noon on April 20th). 

Here’s the timeline for map approval in Champaign County:

  • May 11 –   The County Executive recommends a map(s) to the County Board COW (must be done by 3rd Wed in May)
  • Between June 3 – 18 – Public hearing on map(s) the board is considering (must be 6-21 days prior to map approval)
  • June 24 – Board approves 2021 Reapportionment Map ordinances
  • By July 1 – Plan is filed in the office of the County Clerk – if this deadline is not met, the process must follow additional steps that are outlined in statute for having a 5-person commission draw the map
  • By Sept 1 – To stagger terms, lottery for which seats in each district will be terms of 2 years/4years/4years and 4 years/4 years/2 years

Top image screenshot from Google Maps.

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