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State Police says officer followed proper procedure, mayor to seek FBI review

See 11:00 and 15:40

The Illinois State Police has concluded a review of the incident that occurred on campustown on June 5, 2011, and found that the officer involved followed Department policy under the Champaign Police Department’s Use of Force model. Read the full statement here.

According to The News Gazette, Champaign Mayor Don Gerard is seeking a review by the FBI and “independent experts.” Gerard called the State Police review “unacceptable.”

The Police Union has issued a sharply-worded critique of those that would suggest the officer’s actions were improper.

Meanwhile, Julia Rietz is not second-guessing her decision to not charge anyone, essentially asking: why can’t we all get along during detention and arrest?

Finally, Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic has weighed in on our homegrown pepper spray video.

UPDATE: The City of Champaign disagrees with the Illinois State Police review and believes it did not go far enough with its investigation.

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