Smile Politely

Some things you may be interested in, dear reader

Item! Smile Politely will be resuming regular publication tomorrow, Monday, January 9. We plan to have three or four articles a day, five days a week, including Mondays. The whole several-posts-on-Monday thing may fall apart once we don’t have three weeks to prepare for it, but we’re going to make a good-faith effort.

Item! Tracy Nectoux has accepted the position of editor-in-chief. Please offer her your sincere congratulations and fervent prayer.

Item! For the first time, being an editor at Smile Politely is a paid position. It doesn’t pay much, but hey, it’s something.

We’re looking forward to 2012 being the best year in Smile Politely history, as well as the last year in the history of Earth. Yay, Mayans! And: Yay, us!

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