Smile Politely

Sing it loud: Pitch Perfect is coming to The Art!

Mark your calendars, people. Synchronize your watches. Triangulate some satellites if you have to. There are plans to be made.

Pitch Perfect will be the late night show (10 p.m.) at The Art Theater Co-op on Wednesday, April 30th. For those of you who don’t know the film, which stars the pretty phenomenal Anna Kendrick, you are in for a treat. “Cups,” projectile stress-vomit, baby Dane Cook, Fat Amy… You need to get into this.

In all seriousness, I could have cared less about this film when it was released in theaters the first time around. I was in a serious state of Glee-fatigue, so a movie about a college acapella competition could not have registered lower on my radar. But then a funny thing happened: I actually watched it. This is as infectious as films get, and I had not a hint of eye-rolling when I found out there would be a sequel.

Go. Have fun. Support your local movie house. Thank me later.

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