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Senator Kelly Loeffler, a U of I grad, seems to be in some super serious shit

Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia — who was appointed to her seat by one of the biggest cheaters in modern history, Governor Brian Kemp — is being accused of insider trading. She grew up outside of Bloomington-Normal and then graduated from the now Gies College of Business in 1992.

And it appears she is a goddamned liar. Ever so true, right Kelly?

Bottom line, when your husband is the CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange, and a chairman at the New York Stock Exchange, you don’t just blindly allow “third-party” investors to handle your entire portfolio. I mean, they may execute your trades, and they might provide advice, but it’s always a discussion. Wealthy people are wealthy for a reason. The timing of the trades are just a bit too… perfect.

There are other elected officials caught up in this too, including Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is also claiming that she has no involvement in her husband’s trading. And that’s just a bit too convenient as well. I thought I would name her here just in case anyone is sitting here thinking “That goddamned fucking Seth Fein, he’s such a biased libt**d! Smile Politely is just a big shill for the Democrats!” 

The links above are to Fox News. Even Tucker Carlson said that Sen. Richard Burr from North Carolina should resign and lawyer up immediately. So spare me.  

All of these people can go to hell. I am looking forward to reading their letters of resignation. Right now, that sort of material is simply gold. 

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