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Royse + Brinkmeyer is gearing up for another season of gardening

Last summer was the inaugural growing season for Royse + Brinkmeyer’s urban garden, constructed with the help of students in the Metropolitan Food and Environmental Systems (MFST) program at the University of Illinois. 

They are now ready for season two, with 29 beds available for the season. Plots are $30 for residents and $45 for non-residents. The garden is located at 611 W Healey in Champaign, but is available for residents in any Royse + Brinkmeyer building. Preference is given to those who live closer to the plots. There is also a composting bin available to gardeners and other residents. 

R+B is hoping to build two more gardens this year, that will be ready for planting in 2023. 

Top photo from Royse + Brinkmeyer Facebook page.

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