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“Remembering Robeson*s” Book Signing 12/18 3-5pm

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who has lived in the Champaign area for many years? Then look no further than the book “Remembering Robeson*s” by Cal Acosta and Members of the Robeson Family.

Do you remember shopping at Robeson’s Department Store? I do. It was so exciting to go to Downtown Champaign and shop at the Department Store. I was sad when it closed in 1989 but now there is a book that brings to life the Robeson Department Store Story.

On December 18th from 3-5 pm, Jane Addams Book Shop is excited to host Kyle Robeson and the book “Remembering Robeson*s”. This is a story that starts in 1874 when a man named Frank Kern (F.K.) Robeson opened a small Dry Goods store which became an iconic shopping center in Champaign managed by generations of Robeson family members. The book takes a look back at the rich history of this retail icon and the decades of hard-working people who made the dream possible.

Come join us and members of the Robeson family for the public debut of this exciting book about a local family and their successful retail adventure

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