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No bus service for YMCA, and other June 1 headlines

Today in hot-button issues:

·         Urbana council member, partner among plaintiffs in same-sex marriage lawsuit” (N-G)

The Southwest Champaign MTD continues to be a complete joke:

·         C-U Transit Board: Won’t Expand Service in Southwest MTD Areas” (WILL)

·         New Y, Windsor West won’t get bus service” (N-G)

·         No Bus Service For Southwest Champaign” (WICD)

WCIA continues its coverage of food truck issues:

·         Champaign Starts Food Truck Pilot Project” (WCIA)

I suppose I would feel the same way were I in their shoes:

·         Retired Teachers Oppose Pension Reform Bill” (WICD)

·         Pension Reform Makes Retired Teachers Feel Cheated and Betrayed” (WAND)

And today in insurance rating and Medicaid news:

·         Urbana Fire Department maintains insurance rating” (N-G)

·         UI officials worried about Medicaid cuts” (DI)

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