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Miller Park Zoo makes conservation a priority

If you haven’t taken a little day trip to Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, it’s a great little zoo where you can see quite a few animals, but it’s also very manageable. 

They also have several conservation efforts in play. When you visit, you can see the Snow Leopard and Tamma Wallaby, two species with a Species Survival Plan. The goal of the Species Survival Plan is to maintain captive populations that are both genetically diverse and demographically stable. Most of the SSP’s species are endangered or threatened. The Wallaby exhibit (called the Wallaby Walkabout) is kind of cool because as you stroll the sidewalk through the enclosed area, the adorable wallabies are freely hopping around. 

In addition to this, the zoo has an Endangered Species Pollinator Garden on site and in other spots in Bloomington that include five beehives on the zoo and golf course properties, and they encourage sustainable seafood consumption through their Seafood Watch program. 

Top photo from Miller Park Zoo Facebook page.

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