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Luke Bergkoetter releases music under new moniker Overachiever

Multi-instrumentalist and longtime scene musician Luke Bergkoetter has announced the release of a new project, Overachiever, which he recently recorded to a limited run of cassette tapes. His first release, Vol. 1: Man-Bat, is exclusively on tape, so if you want to hear it, you’ll have to contact him for your copy. He won’t be uploading it to any streaming services.

Bergkoetter’s history in C-U spans pretty far and wide, performing and releasing music with fireflies, Take Care, Bookmobile!Withershins, Anna Kernina/Anna Karina, and more.

See his posts about the new album, which he goes into pretty great deal about, on Overachiever’s Facebook page:

Top image from Overachiever’s Facebook page.

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