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Krannert Center exterior refacing information

From the Krannert Center building engineer regarding Krannert Center repairs:

Otto Baum Company Inc. of Morton, Illinois was awarded the bid for phase 1 of the repairs to Krannert Center, which will correct a portion of our water infiltration issues. They will begin erecting a crane and 8 foot fences around the work area this month, and will start the actual repairs in early October. The project involves tearing down the exterior brick wall of the Studio, the Playhouse and the doghouses on either side of the amphitheater. During this process they will be re-flashing, installing new caps, adding insulation and re-pouring the concrete between the exterior brick wall and the interior walls. While the walls are down, they will retrofit the lights on the Studio and Playhouse to utilize LED bulbs.

Once the work on the north side of the building is complete, they will take a break before moving to the south side of the Playhouse and the amphitheater in the summer of 2015. This work will involve blocking one set of stairs as well as the sidewalk on the Goodwin side of the building.

From Krannert Center:

As you can see, it will be no small feat to complete this massive project. The crane has been erected and is seen in the photo below on the North side of the building where the project will commence.

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