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Join the Yes For Independent Maps petition

There are a few ways you can get involved with changing the process of determining how the state districts are drawn, and here’s how. This sort of thing affects everyone in Illinois, including people in C-U. Check out this petition from Yes For Independent Maps, plus the description from the site below:

Illinois government is in terrible shape, plagued by high levels of corruption and too many decisions based on political paranoia and or self-interest. Politicians are failing to respond to the needs of every day citizens.

It is time for voters to raise their voices and  demand fair, honest, effective Illinois government.  The first major step on the road to fundamental change in Illinois is to establish an independent process for drawing legislative maps. That is why Yes for Independent Maps is working to place a redistricting ballot measure on the November 2014 ballot.

Join the Yes for Independent Maps campaign and help make Illinois government more transparent, fair, honest, and accountable. It’s time to draw fair maps and put voters back in charge.

The site will have all the information on how to sign the petition. 

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