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It’s a tight race between Ramona Sullivan and Ruth Wyman for the circuit judge nomination

While most of last night’s races were pretty decisive, one is still too close to call.

There were four candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Circuit Judge: Troy Lozar, David Moore, Ramona Sullivan, and Ruth Wyman. This is for the resident judge position, meaning they are elected by voters in Champaign County rather than the entire Sixth Circuit. 

Sullivan and Wyman are separated by less than 200 votes, according to the unoffical results. Mail in ballots are still being counted, as they had to be postmarked by March 17th. It will likely be a couple of weeks before we have any final results. We reached out to both Sullivan and Wyman to get their thoughts:

Ramona Sullivan:

I am grateful for each and every vote, and am looking forward to continuing to serve the people of Champaign County the best that I can.

Ruth Wyman:

I am so grateful to have had so many wonderful people in our community who displayed their support by wearing my t-shirts and hats, put yard signs in their yards, attended and marched in the parades throughout Champaign County, walked door to door for me, donated money to the campaign, and encouraged others to support my campaign. We would not have gotten anywhere near this close without your support.

With less than 1 percent of the vote separating Ramona Sullivan and I in the Democratic primary, and more than 1,500 outstanding democratic primary vote by mail ballots requested but not yet counted, we have nearly two weeks before all ballots have to be received by the county clerk’s office to be counted. I look forward to continuing to observe and be part of the Democratic process and see that every vote is counted.

Regardless, we have shown that this County and in particular those who voted in the Democratic Primary care about our judicial system and making sure that those who cannot afford their own legal representation still have their rights protected.  That in and of itself is an amazing display of support for the entire community.

Photo from Champaign County, Illinois Facebook page.

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