Smile Politely

Gerard and Schweighart go to the mat on campaign funding

Here are some notable quotes if you want to whet your appettite before reading Patrick Wade’s piece in the Gazette.

Taking a large amount of money from a liquor establishment that’s he’s going to have control of,” Schweighart said, “that’s more damaging, I think, than me taking money from a Champaign business.” […] “He don’t have to have nine votes (as liquor commissioner),” Schweighart said. “He’s in control.”

Gerard also questioned contributions Schweighart may have received from local developers or engineers, which in past years have totaled in the thousands, according to the State Board of Elections website. Developers often work with city officials as they plan residential subdivisions, and sometimes receive monetary incentives based on how many jobs are created within commercial or industrial developments.

“You know, when he releases his [penis list of donors], I’ll release mine,” Schweighart said.

“Tell him to put his [penis list of donors] out there, then we’ll talk about it,” Gerard said.

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