Smile Politely

From the SP archives: a year ago this week

+ Jake Thomas’ excellent two-part piece on retaliatory evictions had commenter JoeFun demanding reform: “I’ve been in this situation. The system, as it is now, gives every protection and right to the land owner. The tenant is almost powerless to force the landlords hand on any measure.” Part one, part two

+ Comcast and the Big Ten Network finally decided to play nice.

+ Last year at this time the Farmer’s Market was delivering us the first kohlrabi, garlic scapes, and broccoli rabe of the season.

+ Pat Schmitz opined on the struggle between Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing and citizens hoping for instant runoff voting.

+ We asked whether you cared for downtown Champaign’s summer street fests. You said: “Local or not, original music beats cover bands.”

+ William Gillespie and C.D. Scoggins gave us the lowdown on a trip to Exile on Main Street. “Jeff is generous with his attention,” reported Gillespie, who walked out with a Runaways record under his arm.

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