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Fashion forward from the face

There’s a lot of iconic fashion-fad items that have come and gone throughout history. Hell, even in the last 30 years we’ve had parachute pants, acid wash denim, those gigantic JNCO jeans, popped collars, and those pants that zip off to form shorts.

They’re brutal. The statements made by them are bad. Now those items are jokes amongst the population. Those are the fads. Those are the items that are not timeless and will (or at least should) never come back.

The statements that are everlasting, the classic button-up, the oxford shoe, the blue suit, and the tuxedo, all do so because they’re perfectly constructed for the human body. Everyone looks good in those things, regardless of style.

But there’s another fashionable item that is just as timeless, and interestingly enough it’s an accessory that’s not for everyone: spectacles. When well constructed and perfectly selected for each face that they rest on, they can truly complete an outfit.

The idea of glasses going from a necessity to a fashion-forward statement is fairly recent. No longer are they for NERDS. Many people use them, and our culture has embraced them. Think about iconic glasses wearers: John Lennon, Elton John, Woody Allen, Buddy Holly, Tina Fey, Johnny Depp, and freakin’ Harry Potter.

Those are some cool people. And they wear glasses.

We’re lucky enough to have a place in C-U that can help achieve that look: Kessler Optical. Once you walk into the joint you notice hip aesthetics that makes glasses wearers seem like they’re a part of Warhol’s crew. Seriously, check this place out.

And it’s right downtown amongst the hubbub of the city. If you’re a fashion-forward spectacle wearer, this is where you go to get your frames. If you don’t, it’s where you should go, otherwise, you might be wearing the equivalent of parachute pants on your face.

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