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Exile on Main Street reveals initial Record Store Day lineup

Ah, Record Store Day. That day in late April where an above average amount of people celebrate music by spending money on physical copies of their favorite national and/or local artists. Consider it the holiday season of the spring. As done in years past, and again this year on April 21, Exile on Main Street will host a whole slew of musicians to play some tunes from right inside their own shop — a place where those bands, among other artists not playing the event, offer some pretty awesome releases for you to play on something that doesn’t start with an “i.”

Exile revealed the initial lineup of bands and DJs through their Facebook event with all the special details, but here is the list of artists announced thus far: 

The Dirty Feathers — Elsinore — New Ruins — RedLeg — Mille Nomi — Midstress — Curb Service — Deathtram — An Evening With Your Mother — Take Care — DJ Kirkwood West — Kate and James Hathaway — DJ Reed Richards

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