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Crudo has permanently closed

Crudo Wine Bar, located at 116 N. Walnut Street in Downtown Champaign, has closed. Although this happened somewhat quietly, this news is confirmed on their Facebook page‘s About section (and elsewhere if you make a quick Google search). Work is being done on the bar as it transitions to new ownership. The new venture in the space will be a beercade, which we’ll have more information on in the near future.

Crudo opened late in 2017, owned by the folks over at Nando Milano just around the corner on Neil Street. Read Katie’s review of some of their offerings from back in 2018.

Top Image: A line of cocktail glasses sits atop a curved bar top with navy stools placed in a row along the curve. Charcuterie boards sit on top of the bar as well. Red flowers in the background on the left out of focus. Photo from Crudo’s Facebook page.

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