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Carmon’s, a new event space (not the restaurant), coming to 804 N. Neil in Champaign

There’s a new event space opening up in the historic Trolly Barn at 804 N. Neil Street in Champaign, and it’ll go by the name that’s pretty familiar to many in C-U: Carmon’s.

Per this post in Champaign Urbana History, it appears a floor of the building is being renovated and will become a new event space. Blue Line Station is what the building is called now, which features residential and commercial spaces within. Creative design firm Surface51 exists in the building, and you’ve probably seen it driving south into Downtown Champaign on Neil Street at some point.

The neon sign from the restaurant, which existed at 415 N. Neil Street until its closure in 2012, has been preserved, restored, and remounted on the building where the new event center will open.

No word on when the new space will open, but damn that looks pretty good.

Photo by Jon Britt.

Top image by Jon Britt.

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