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Canadian goose in Urbana shot with an arrow

I am writing to you because there is a story I am hoping you might consider covering. There is a Canadian goose in the Beringer Commons subdivision in Urbana that has been shot with an arrow. It is entering the goose’s right breast and exiting near the tail. I first became aware of the situation about a week ago. The arrow’s position has shifted during the week and is now hitting the ground with every step the goose takes, likely causing pain and further injury. I called the U of I Vet Medicine Clinic and they informed that they don’t go out to pick up any animals; they had to be brought in by individuals or Animal Control. I contacted Champaign County Animal Control and they called me back about an hour later to say that Urbana Animal Control was aware of the situation and had gone out to Beringer Commons to locate the goose but had given up trying to capture it.

It’s incredibly sad and a clear instance of animal abuse and cruelty. I don’t believe animal control has put very much effort into trying to capture the goose. This should also be handled as a criminal case and whoever shot the goose should be charged. I know that many locals find Canadian Geese to be a nuisance, but there is no excuse for this. I’ve personally gone out and tried to herd the goose into a garage so that it could be taken to the U of I vet medicine clinic for treatment but had no luck. I think if the story about this goose is publicized, it will help prompt local officials to make more of an effort to assist this animal and may even lead to finding out who committed this crime.

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