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BEST Social Media Moment of the decade: Golden Harbor’s Facebook Page

From our BEST Culture of the decade feature:

I can’t fully express how sad I am that Golden Harbor’s social media presence is no more. It was funny and uplifting, and made our BEST lists in 2015 and 2016. Remember those anime videos that were edited to feature Golden Harbor dishes? Truly inspired and an absolute delight. It was run by Sophie Sun, a long time Golden Harbor employee who has since moved away. She’s missed greatly, too.

Thankfully, Golden Harbor is still as delicious as ever, and the current employees are friendly and helpful. One improvement to the Chinese restaurant’s internet presence is the ability to now submit orders online; it’s super easy and straightforward. No, we’re no longer being reminded through social media that we are special; instead the food lets us know that things are done with care and love for the customer. But we shall always hold a place in our hearts for the Facebook page that was. (Jess Hammie)

Screen shot from Golden Harbor’s Facebook page

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