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A former C-Street employee is working on a retrospective of the iconic venue

Leslie Krause is a former C-Street DJ, and has now created a website as a tribute to the space at 63 Chester Street after it collapsed on June 26th. It contains a brief history as well as a collection of photos, videos, and newspaper clippings. From the site:

So many people have come to pay their respects to this iconic building, one that has served central Illinois for over 100 years, from its humble beginnings as a local buggy service shop to its legacy as a popular live music venue for up and coming local bands to one of the most happening gay and drag bars in the entire state of Illinois and then finally a dance club where people from all walks of life could show off their moves to the best sound system in C-U.

Krause is collected and storing physical memorabilia as well. 

If you have anything to contribute to the project, you can email

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