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Tigerbeat, Mayhew the Traitor and Penny Horses at Mike N Molly’s

Smile Politely tries its best to foster the musical community and local music scene. Last Friday we presented a great show at Mike N Molly’s with Tigerbeat, Mayhew the Traitor, and Penny Horses.

To start off the night, the Penny Horses rocked the room. Staring with a minimal crowd they got everyone upstairs and rocking with their personal brand of swamp rock. Utilizing fiddle and banjo, they payed a set not likely to be forgotten.

Mayhew the Traitor took stage next. This two-piece band is very focused on songwriting. With elements of post rock, metal and punk, they give any acoustic band a run for their money.

To cap off the night, Tigerbeat took the stage. A creation of John Isberg, this band is reminiscent of The Lumineers. A Chambana blend of folk rock, they played an amazing set the C-U musical community won’t forget.

Here are the photos:

Penny Horses

Mayhew the Traitor:

Tiger Beat:

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