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Kristov’s Agenda Set To Release Two Records This Weekend

This weekend promises variety when it comes to one of the finest new bands in town. Kristov’s Agenda has finally arrived. So, what makes this particular weekend so special?

Why none other than not just one, but two, CD release shows for the band that takes cues from everyone from Radiohead, to Massive Attack, to Portishead, to MF Doom, that’s what.

Saturday night, head over to 504 S. Broadway in Urbana, and be there for the party to celebrate the release of their “Mixtape”.

Then on Sunday night, head over to The Highdive, 51 E. Main St. in Champaign, where the band will officially unveil their first EP to be sold to the public at the weekly DJ throwdown, Chillax. Finally, after putting their Myspace page on repeat, you can be the first to rip this into a torrent and share it with the world.

Friends. These shows are both free.

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