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Fall Showdown: How Local Can You Go?

Tonight through Saturday, December 15, The Canopy Club will be hosting bills featuring a total of sixteen local or area musicians. All for a moderate 5 bucks a night ($7 after 10pm), that’s only $1.25 a band, if that were how it worked.

Acts range from locally well-known bands like Polyvinyl’s indie-pop darlings Headlights, alt. country stars The Beauty Shop, the psychedelic garage-rock of The Living Blue, and the Midwestern indie-rock gloom of New Ruins, to the new bands quickly establishing themselves in the Champaign-Urbana scene, like Common Loon and their Beatles-inspired sonic pop songs, Tall Tale piano power emo-rock, and World’s First Flying Machine’s mini-chamber pop.

So if you’re going out for a night, needing a break from finals, or have finished finals and are looking for something to do, check out some great live local music.

Day One: Tall Tale, Hotel Ahead, The Dot & The Feather, From the Tops of
, World’s First Flying Machine

Day Two: The Beauty Shop, The Chemicals, Darling Disarm, Books Died On

Day Three: elsinore, The Living Blue, Common Loon, Curb Service

Day Four: Headlights, Shipwreck, New Ruins, Tunnels

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