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DJ Delayney Heads Up New Night on Tuesdays at Mike ‘N Molly’s

Tuesday nights will have familiar face in downtown Champaign.

Douglas Layne, AKA DJ Delayney — the local promoter that founded PowerNSoul Productions, helps bring in Dance 2XS and hosts the now annual LightWorks Fashion Show — will be taking over the decks at Mike ‘N Molly’s on Tuesday nights from here on out.

According to Layne, ”…it was kinda [sic] an impromptu thing…that turned out to be a really fun thing so we rolled with it. I’m kinda letting the night take it’s own form…”

The night, which is currently nameless, will focus on “a lot of funk and old soul. Some jazz, some new soul, splash of reggae, dash of soulful hip hop. I also play a lot of original hip hop samples. By that I mean, the original tracks that have been used as samples to create some classic hip hop tracks (usually funk, soul & jazz tracks). This is my “new” direction… (it) has refreshed my love of music…”

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