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Speakers in C-U: Apr. 12—18

WHAT: “The Discovery of Russian Childhood: A Century of Studies,” Alla Salnikova, Kazan State University

WHEN: Tuesday, April 12 @ 12 noon

WHERE: 101 International Studies Building, 910 S. Fifth Street, Champaign





WHAT: “Agriculture in Korea,” various speakers

WHEN: Friday, April 15 @ 1 p.m.

WHERE: Davenport Hall, Room 109, 607 South Mathews Avenue

There will be two presentations: “Californication of the Korean Rice Market?” by Larry Burmesiter (Ohio University) and “President’s Rice vs. King’s Rice: The Unexpected Legacy of the Green Revolution in South Korea” by Kim Tae-Ho (Columbia University)


WHAT: “The master of the slave ship, the neighbor’s wife and the English whip,” Marcus Carvalho, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

WHEN: Wednesday, April 13 @ 3 p.m.

WHERE: Foreign Languages Building, Room G46, 707 South Mathews Avenue, Urbana

From the event description: “In 1828, a man named Gabriel Antonio was accused in court of having beat the neighbor’s wife with an ‘English whip.’ In his defense, he claimed that the neighbor was the one that had beaten him, and that he was just defending himself from the attack. Gabriel Antonio was the commander of a slave ship. Years later, he became one of the principal traffickers of slaves in Pernambuco. Through this case we will follow the career of Gabriel Antonio in his dealings with the justice system and society in the following years.”


WHAT: “The World Bank’s Response to the Global Financial Crisis,” Matthew Winters, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, UIUC

WHEN: Friday, April 15 @ 3 p.m.

WHERE: Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, Room 223, 611 Loredo Taft Drive, Champaign





WHAT: “The Rule of Law and Economic Growth: A Cross-National Analysis, 1950-2008,” Pete Nardulli, UIUC Poitical Science and Law Professor

WHEN: Monday, April 18 @ 12 noon

WHERE: Computing Applications Building, Room 229 (Graduate Seminar Room), 605 East Springfield Avenue, Champaign

From Nardulli’s bio: “The author of six books and the editor of five other books, Professor Nardulli recently published, Popular Efficacy in the Democratic Era: A Re-examination of Electoral Accountability in the U.S., 1828-2000 (Princeton University Press).”



You live near a major university and a community college. There are smart people that come here every week to talk to the general public about interesting topics. Perhaps you were not aware of this fact, or were overwhelmed by the sheer number of opportunities for possible enlightenment. If that’s the case, Smile Politely understands and is here to help. Here are several events going on in town this week. Check out one or more of them if you have time. Get your learn on, as they say, and join the cognoscenti. It’s free, you know. Plus, sometimes there’s free food, too!

If you have a community event, speaker, or film event that you’d like to see featured on Listen Up!, send the event information to joelgillespie [at] smilepolitely [dot] com by Friday the week prior to the event. Listen Up! runs on Tuesdays when classes are in session.

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