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SP Radio Podcast: Midstress

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On this episode of Smile Politely Radio, we welcome Midstress, the local punk rock group formerly known as the Fresh Kills. We talk about the group’s brand new album, Growing Up is Getting Old, which will officially be released on December 6. Also, we touch on the brand new C-U Collective, which some of the band’s members are heavily involved with. Plus there is the band’s sterling live reputation, their upcoming Japan benefit show with Take Care and Common Loon, and that whole name change business.

This podcast includes the songs:

  • I’m from the Midwest. I’m Softspoken.
  • Too Many Shoes, Not Enough Feet
  • Pentagrams in the Attic

The show gets cut off early at the very end. And why didn’t I ask them if their album cover is a nod to Let It Be?*

*Too obvious.

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