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SP Radio Podcast: Illini Football season in review

Download or listen to this week’s episode here.

This was Chris Willis’ first year covering Illini Football for Smile Politely, so we talk to him about the experience. He discusses what it’s like to listen to the press box announcer coldly call the game’s action and how impressed he was with the players’ media skills. Plus, we go in depth on the season that was, from the mighty highs of the 6–0 start to the dark days toward the end that ended Ron Zook’s tenure.

Unfortunately, the recording stops just short of the end our conversation, which took place before last Saturday’s game. Chris, ever the optimist, wrongly picked U of I over Minnesota. However, he did correctly predict Ron Zook’s quick departure afterward. Stay tuned to SP for Chris’s continuing coverage of the Illini as they go minor league bowling and search for a new coach.

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